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bantayan island exchanges

Since 2010, we have been connecting with people from the Visayas in the Philippines, Australia, Norway and more recently Tonga, Indonesia, and Malaysia. While working on our practice, DAKOgamay facilitates Atonisla's participation in film festivals, programs and cultural exchanges.


Atonisla members have participated in Bacollywood in Bantayan's neighboring island, Negros. Bacollywood is a yearly filmmaking workshop and festival for youth from accross the Philippines. Connecting with Negros is important because as neighbors we need to build a strong network and share experiences and knowledge.

The art scene in the Philippines predominantly centers around Manila, with alternative spaces becoming more widespread in places like Northern Luzon, Mindanao and now Central Visayas. In 2016, Atonisla participated in the Binisaya Film Festival which was an opportunity to share work and meet others from the region.

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Supported by Smallprojects, Atonisla participated in the 2016 and 2017 Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF)

in Norway. NUFF brings together youth from over 60 countries. During this program, they work in groups to develop their own short film while attending workshops.

In 2017, Roberth Fuentes' short film "Lola" was screened as part of the festival's line-up. Read his interview here. Ieuseff Santillan participated in the workshop program and shared the work we have been doing on Bantayan.

In 2017, Atonisla went on a cultural exchange to Sagada in Mt. Province, Northern Luzon to meet Lope Bosaing - an Indigenous potter and co-founder of Ub Ubbo Exchange. Ub Ubbo Exchange is an arts group based in regional Australia and Northern Philippines. Read Atonisla's diary of their trip here.


As Bantayan's traditional culture has been smudged out by time, it is important to meet Indigenous Filipinos and cultures so we can remember the culture we had prior to colonization.

Later in the year, Atonisla attended Cinema Rehiyon - a film festival that travels to different parts of the Philippines every year.


One of our members received the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarshipto participate in a 3 month arts program in 2018. During this program, he will be visiting different parts of Indonesia to learn about their art and cultures and connect to our neighbors.

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