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"It's believing that we can go home and walk through the bushland and we're not gonna walk through a mine. This is what it's all about."

Since the 1960's, sand mining has become the economic backbone of South East Queensland. Minjerrabah is considered a case study in the destructive nature of sand mining, with harm caused to wildlife, water sources, fisheries and erosion.

"These mines are bad. They're very very bad. Fracking is very bad. We need to stop fracking. We need to stop all these mining companies that are doing this. It's like a shock. Send it down the middle of the earth and blow up a part of the earth. How are they gonna repair that? How are they gonna bring healing to the earth? They can't. The only way that they can is if they stop the mining."


- Jenny Ellis, a Garamaroi grandmother from Mungindi in northwestern New South Whales.

Jenny Ellis - Inverview @Rights to Protest, Sydney
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